About Shop Your Spot

Shop Your Spot is an Indianapolis-based company that puts a unique spin on the world of mobile deal apps.

Shop Your Spot merchants pay a minimal, flat monthly subscription fee and keep 100% of their revenue, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the huge revenue share models of other popular deal sites. Shop Your Spot is considered a cutting edge marketing tool which lets merchants have complete control of their offers and event information from start to finish. Rather than waiting on edits and approvals from the deal site, merchants can easily create and submit their own offers and information allowing customers to take advantage of them in real-time. Additionally, merchants are provided with detailed analytics, giving them an undeniable advantage in future planning compared to other marketing channels such as direct mail and print advertising. Merely one month into the launch of Shop Your Spot, merchants are seeing, on average, a 25 percent offer redemption rate, far exceeding the 3-5 percent redemption rates of traditional printed coupons.

For consumers, Shop Your Spot provides a completely new approach to purchasing. In times when most people are searching for the best deals in hopes to save a dollar, Shop Your Spot delivers the first collaborative site to bring dynamic, real-time deals and event information together in one easy to navigate mobile app. Shop Your Spot’s precise profile building system ensures consumers receive only the deals that are important to them; products and services they want from the retailers they choose.